How to sew a see through Key Chain vinyl zipper pouch

Here is a fast sew for a super useful item: the key chain baby pouch.

This tutorial is for sewing a see-through zipper pouch that will hold your earbuds, candy, coins, or whatever weird sh*t you need handy. 

It's made in the same method as my tutorial for the Baby Pouch I made so many moons ago, but quicker because we're only using one piece of vinyl.


One  8" x 4" piece of vinyl
One strip of 20 gauge vinyl 1/2" x 3" or so (scrap is fine)
One lobster clasp 1/2"
One zipper (trim to size) or 4"
Teflon sewing foot or Non-Stick foot  
Wonder Clips

If you're having trouble visualizing any steps, take a peek at the original tutorial HERE .  

 1. Place zipper face down on top of the 8"x 4" vinyl piece. Sew along this edge at 1/4" seam allowance. You might want to use Wonder Clips on this step, I personally don't because the length is so small. Remember to lock stitch.  ;)

2. Fold over so zipper is facing up and finger press. Top stitch.
I did two rows because because.

3. Fold the vinyl bottom edge up over the zipper to meet the open long edge of the zipper and repeat to sew down. 

This is difficult to see here, so the dashed lines are showing you the vinyl edges. 

Open the zipper all the way and repeat the top stitch step here as well.

4. Take the scrap vinyl piece approx 1/2" x 3" and fold on itself so it's double thickness. Feed this through the lobster clasp opening.

Fold it down again and clip in place. 

5. Fold and press pouch so it looks like the photo, there should be about 1/2" space at the top, then the zipper, then the clasp piece on one side. Make sure the zipper is open. Wonder clip in place and sew down the sides. **Make sure the zipper head is inside before you sew those sides up.

Dashed lines are where you will sew.  Dashed arrow is pointing to the lobster clasp vinyl piece.
*Note the orientation of the lobster clasp. 

*Zipper should be OPEN.

6. Trim off zipper. Dab Fray Check on the ends of the cut zipper to keep them from fraying. 

7. Turn right sides out again and enjoy your new pouch.  It does help turning if the vinyl is warm, so either sit in the sunshine, use a hair dryer, or do like me and sit next to the radiator and let the vinyl warm before turning. It's much more malleable.

We put ours on backpacks, key chains, in my purse, and in the car. You never know when you might need some Starbursts.  



  1. Another great idea and easy tutorial. I just made one! Super fun!

  2. Popped over from "A Little Crispy" to view your tute! So cute and fun! I love the additon of the lobster clasp!

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