A quick hello.
I'm going to attempt blogging from my phone while we're in transit.....
And if you must know, (because we all know you must)- I've decided to take my Bernina with me and ship her out the VERY LAST DAY we are in England. Yes. I know it's a little cray, but I just cannot imagine a day where I can't at least look at her.

She's been so good to me.

I have the Styrofoam packing and the box she came in all set and ready, I'll whisper sweet nothings to her when I have to ship her out, and I'll write FRAGILE VERY VERY FRAGILE all over the box.

But...that's in a couple weeks so let's not talk about it.

It's been a manic Xmas making Palooza here, so I'll share a few pics to get myself in the Xmas spirit. haha

Literally, a few.

The books I've brought with me are stacked high, and give me a mini workout whenever I have to move them, but I look at that as a plus. It's funny how much these little things make such a difference in daily life. Books, flowers, candles, stitchery, felt tip markers, pretty paper, music, chocolate truffles.....It's all essential really.

I'm the girl who loads her suitcase down with these items, and then crams three outfits in at the end..."I can wash those over and over, who cares?" I said to my husband as he raised his eyebrows with that ultra surprised look that says "I don't believe you" ..................
"What are you wearing for shoes?" he asks.
"Well my kick ass red cowgirl boots of course" I say, a bit amused he didn't already know. As if I'd leave those babies to be packed up! Those moving men can't be trusted with my red boots doncha know?! (As visions of men dancing around to YMCA float through my mind.)

Anywho, enough about me. What are you making/doing/planning for this Holiday Season? My p's just got snow last night, which makes me very excited....I just wanna make snow angels Yo. 

I LIKE how the cold makes my face flushed. Natural blusher. It makes the eyes pOp. I like the crispy air and how it startles my lungs and forced me to notice them. I like the silence of a winter night, when everything is still and calm. 

Now ask me in February and I might be singing another tune, but you know....
Live for right now.

Okay, a few more Xmas-y pics.

Here are a few more things I found this week that make me excited for winter:

1. Plaid says "Winter is coming" to me.  Here is a roundup by the Glitter Guide.

 Plaid is always a good idea. ;)
the glitter guide

Do I need to say anything about this skirt? High waisted, plaid, pencil? Swoon.

Love this........Sharon does this qualify as a xmas jumper....x

Tumblr PS. See similar content at http://www.fashionisly.com/

2. Comfort Food. And by that I mean baked goods LOL.

  Have you seen these glitter donuts? 

The Glitter Guide has a recipe for them on their blog. They almost look like jewels. nom nom....

3. Winter Wonderland scenery

The wheather outside is frightful but the fire is SO delightful incase theres no place to go #letitsnow #letitsnow #letitsnow

NYC in the winter

Near Storslett, Norway
Mind blown.
Somewhere in Norway.

HORSE GUARDS in WINTER‏ ~~~    Horse Guards Parade is a large parade ground off Whitehall in central London. It is the site of the annual ceremonies of Trooping the Colour, which commemorates the monarch's official birthday, and Beating Retreat.
Whitehall, London

4. Present wrapping
I love wrapping paper and ribbon you guys!!! I buy things just for the packaging sometimes. Is that weird?

merry merry

5. Star/ Snowflake quilts

:: Quilt ::

And this lovely quilt took my breath away- link here.

What makes you happy for winter? Anything? :D


  1. Right now, nothing, lol. We have cold rain, that is not fun, can't play in that.
    I am getting some projects done today and I think I might get the presents finished in time.


  2. Well, now I need a giant plaid scarf after seeing your inspiration image! So cozy! Love all the things you made for the holiday season, especially the poinsettia quilt! So cute! Good luck with your move!!!!!


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