Balsamic Roasted Veg Recipe

I used all root veg here, from the garden. Those "not-so-perfect-looking" carrots were cut up into spears. The potatoes quartered. The turnips sliced. The parsnips diced.
 I added some rosemary and sea salt to taste.

Then...the magical part: a big huge splash of
Balsamic Vinaigrette. 

I make my own, but store bought is cool too, and easier I suppose.

Pour that to coat the veg. Roast it all at 425 F /220 C until tender. 

I am reluctant to give a time, because I have a truly psychotic oven. Sometimes it takes 30 minutes, sometimes it takes 50 minutes.....

My baking ordeals are the same. It's maddening. Sigh. 

I try not to let it get my fabulous-ness down. heehee

King Edward potatoes. I'm glad they're named after that hottie. LOL

Golden delishesness!

I added radishes to the next meal. I usually throw in red onion too, but mine didn't grow bigger than an acorn this year. 
Anyone know what happened? 

....and why are they called red onion, they are purple, people....gheesh.