Top Ten Songs playlist

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If I were stranded on an island, with only ten songs on my iPod, these would be it.

 Top Ten Songs:

10. Piano Man  (Billy Joel)

9. All I Need (Radiohead)

8. Learning to Fly (Pink Floyd)
(changed my mind, sorry PF but Robert has one up on you) Love Song  (The Cure)

7. Every Breath You Take  (The Police)

6. Kissing You - Theme of Romeo and Juliet (Des'ree)

5.  Pictures of You  (The Cure)

4. Running to Stand Still  (U2) -*actually any vintage U2 would do*

3. Not Too Late  (Norah Jones)
or The Long Day is Over (Norah Jones) 
Why don't we just include all her albums? Fair enough.

2. I Shall Believe  (Sheryl Crow)

1. Do What You Have to Do ---Mirrorball live version
(Sarah McLachlan)

That'll do. ;)

I'm curious, what's your list look like?

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  1. I just emailed you asking your favorite music and here I go. Maybe I should like READ stuff before I go asking Questions, eh? It's an interesting mix. I think my favorite from this list is your #10: Piano Man. Heck yeah Billy Joel! I never knew how much I love Billy Joel before I started listening to XM radio.

  2. wow. picking only 10 songs would be tough. I would include "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" by The Police for sure.


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