Sewing Tutorial: make a door stop with a zipper

Why make a door stop with a zipper? So you can wash it of course!

 My door stops have become a darker shade of white than when I first bought them, but unfortunately I can't wash them. So, after many wipe downs, I must let them go.
I will reuse the insides and make myself a newer, prettier set.

Here's the tutorial:

Gather materials-

1. Iron fusible interfacing onto the wrong side of the two fabric squares. Set aside.

Take the handle piece and fold it wrong sides together towards the middle and press.

Stick the interfacing piece inside in the middle and press.

Now fold it over itself, so the edges are tucked inside and you have a double thickness handle. Top stitch down both sides so it's polished looking.

(Press well before sewing.)

The handle is finished, set it aside.

Take the fabric piece that measures 10x10 and fold down the top about 1/2 inch. Press. Do this for both pieces.

Pin the folded edge to the zipper tape. Sew in place carefully. If you have a zipper foot it does help, (I don't so again- I wing it.)

Do this for both pieces. Then open the zipper at least half way.

Pin the sides and bottom together and sew around the sides and bottom. I use at least 1/2 seam for strength. Slow slowly over the zipper teeth.

Sew around the edge again if you're planning on making this a heavy door stop, for extra strength.

Mark the corners in 1 inch squares

Cut these corners out.

Put the seams together and sew across the edge, about 1/2 inch in. This is difficult to explain, I will try and show with pictures. If you've ever sewn a boxed pouch/purse/bag, that is what this is.

Sew across the seams about 1/2 inch in. I always sew 3 times back and forth to be sure this seam is strong. Try to line the two seams up as best you can, so that when it's done they are lined up on the outside. It takes practice.

 I still goof it up quite often.

This is what you come out with, once it's turned right side out again. I didn't get it perfectly lined up, but you get the idea.

Trim off the excess zipper.

Pin the handle onto one side, right sides together. (You will flip it later.) Sew on, passing over it several times.
I use a double stitch for extra measure.

Flip it up and sew it down again to hide the raw end.

Repeat on the other end of the handle, to the opposide side.
 Make sure the handle is not twisted.

Now it's time to fill it. I used a combo of cat litter and polyfill . The polyfill makes it nice and full looking, while the cat litter weighs it down nicely (and cheaply).

Beans work as well, but are more expensive.

Impromptu gifts.

They are sorta skinny-ish, so if you prefer to use them as a wall guard (between the wall and door) to prevent slamming against the wall, then it works.
Hope you like.
Peace out.