So...I just had a "British" keyboard installed on my computer......
What. the. hell? Why are these keys in different spots? What's going on here, is this a conspiracy against the English speaking people of the world? We just aren't good enough for you Brits? Gotta make things tough on us eh? :o)

It's not enough that words and spellings are different?
Color. Colour. Faveorite. Favourite. Tire. Tyre. Good Heavens. It makes me head spin.

If you know me at all, you know I'm teasing. I've nearly been fully "Anglo-fied" by my friends.

I'm rather chuffed at picking up some slang as well, darlings.        ("daaaaa-lings")


£££££££ heehee. I can make pound signs now. ££££££££ hee hee.

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