Making Jewelry: Safety Pins & Buttons bracelet

This is unconventional but super hip, especially because it's repurposed and green.

To make this:

Gather safety pins, buttons, o-rings or beading wire, vintage charms, and pliers.

I tested out a length like this first, to be sure I could slip it over my wrist.
Mine was about 9 inches long, I wanted it to slip around a little bit.

O - rings are easiest.
I tried wire wrapping the buttons as well, but it was much more time consuming and finger bending.


Make a mambo-line with your pins. This is the best way (for me) to attch all my buttons.

Attach the other buttons by sliding them onto each pin, then close it up. Careful!

I wanted more shankless metal buttons on this piece, but I didn't have anymore.

I think with jeans and a tee this could ROCK.

different is cool.


  1. I am your newest follower and look forward to what other creative things you share :)

  2. Oh that is so cute! and anyone could make one..yay! might give it a go. Had my nieces over yesterday making paper stars (I know, not Christmas anymore, but never mind!) and paper baubles..not out of Christmas paper so they can hang them anytime! Next time they could make these! They'd love them! me too..!
    thanks sweets!
    have a blogalicious day
    jessie nz xx

  3. Very clever!!! (And yes, it's hard to find metal buttons...)

  4. I am doing this tonight!!!! L O V E!!!!

  5. Thanks so much, Natalie! I'm forwarding your link to my friend who asked for a button bracelet tute and see if this is what she was looking for. You're the best!


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