"Color Me Happy" Candy filled rings / bits & bobs

Need a little sunshine?
Make these colorful & fun candy jewels.

Wear 'em to make you smile.

Turn them into rings, necklaces, hair pins, badges, you name it.

Here 's how:

supplies list
 envirotex lite or epoxy resin
bowl & spoon
surface area to work on that won't be ruined if damaged
(I used a canvas)
candy sprinkles or balls
jewelry hardware (rings,bails,hairpins)
E6000 super glue or other

Grab a throw-away bowl
(or label it for NO food use)
and mix the Envirotex Lite:

equal parts
(This stuff can be found at Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and other craft shops.)

To be safe, don't touch for 24 hrs.

Happy Creating!