Candy Sprinkles Jewelry Tutorial

Funky & Fun this jewelry is sure to cure your sweet craving!

I know- I have pictured liquid glass. DON'T use this, it will make the sugar balls or sprinkles melt. Use Envirotex Lite. It works like a charm!

use this stuff to fill in the blanks

Fill up your blanks with the sugar balls or candy sprinkles:

Carefully pour in the Envirotex Lite
 (Use scrap paper or towel underneath to guard spillage...)

Let it cure (dry) for at least 24 hrs--TRY to be patient-don't touch!

So pretty! YUM
All done. Told you it was short :o)


  1. This looks like something my kids would enjoy doing... except I know that they won't be able to resist touching! :)

    Stopping by from Mama's Nestwork.

    Mamahood, Among Other Things...

  2. where to find liquid glass? at hardware store or art shop?


  3. Where do I find the bracelet? I am doing a sprinkle wedding theme and would love to make these bracelets for my bridesmaids. I just love them.

  4. OMG!! This candy Jewry is superb. Have never seen such a lovely jewelry. Would really love to have this for my wedding that will arrange at one of best wedding venues. This will be really awesome and looks stylish to wear.

  5. Jewelry looks it's best when cleaned. Properly clean your jewelry before showing it around. If you do not know the 100% correct way to clean your piece of jewelry let a professional jeweler clean it for you. CONNEXION REPUBLIC


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