Mod Podge Photo Collage Table & scrapbuster Chair

Before Pics-- beaten down furniture rescued from a dumpster...yes, I'm totally white trash. :o) heehee Embrace it!


Mia attacked the table (while it was drying!!!!) with GLITTER  ---little tinker :o)

The pictures range from when my husband was a little boy, growing up in the Dominican Republic all the way to now, married with children. His family is all here-Carlos,Wanda,Erika,Mom & Dad.  This is an easy project, but sorta time consuming!

This is all I did:

1. Collect photos, scrap paper, scrap fabrics, and Mod Podge.

2. Tear your pics (or cut--but I'm lazy) and arrnage them in a collage on posterboard or the floor.

3. Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge on your table top, and start putting your photos,bits of paper and fabric on it. Now Paint over it with the Mod Podge again, to secure it down.

4. Let it dry an hour and do this again, several times.

5. Once your table top is covered, attack the legs win the same manner-wrapping your fabric around the legs and securing them with several layers of Mod Podge.

6. Let dry overnight, then pour a mixture of EnviroTex over the top of the table for a glossy finish. It will protect the table, and it looks nice. This is optional, but I rec. it---super easy to mix and pour!

Admire your craftiness. You are awsome.


  1. Oh Natalie!!!! How awesome did this turn out!!! Love it! I need to do this! ~Shelley O.

  2. cooooooooooooool!!!!!! wonder if this would work on those card type tables that don't have a wooden top... or those chairs that arent woooden.. but more like spongy plasticy stuff...

  3. I loved this idea so much that I am doing a cover for the lid of my granddaughter's toybox/treasure chest/storage chest. I am making a cover so she can have it separate from the box as she grows. I called the Plaid customer service and found out I should use Hard Coat MP since she will be sitting on the lid. The directions say to let it cure for 4 weeks before using. I am using hardboard (eg. Masonite) for its strength and durability. I can really run away with Mod Podge projects! Maybe I could do the walls of an entire room, lol :) Joan

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  10. Here are a few pictures of what the dining set looked like BEFORE.
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